What to visit in Nicaragua, a place that will always have a special place in my heart. I travel a lot, but Nicaragua is the most emotional destination for me (apart from my homeland). Most photos are from the era before smartphones. I have been to much more beautiful places, but this country is very special and interesting. I like less familiar and less touristy places.

  • Volcano Masayo
  • San Juan del Sur
  • Lake Nicaragua
  • Big Corn island
  • Little Corn Island

My first trip with a backpack and nothing prepared in advance. Spontaneous decision literally at the last moment. We rented a van and left before sunrise to get to the border in time. Our guide was Gustavo, a local guide. After an hour and a half, we reached a mile-long queue of trucks waiting to be checked. It turned out that on entering Nicaragua they thoroughly checked for trafficking in human beings, organs and drugs, and on leaving for weapons and cash. They also disinfect those entering Latin America against yellow fever.

What to visit in Nicaragua when we are here

Anyway, there was no queue for cars with tourists, and after we were hit by two stamps on both borders, we found ourselves in Nicaragua. On both sides of the road, people were selling fruit and various things. Great poverty. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America after Honduras. Fifty percent of the population does not work. The average monthly income of a family of six is ​​about $ 55.

What to visit in Nicaragua, the state does not help education and healthcare. He who has money pays, he who does not perish. The average life expectancy for women is 51 years, and for men 48 years. But still, my goal was not to tell, but to show a little of Nicaragua. Our first stop was for breakfast by a lake called the Great Ocean of Fresh Water. We also took a short break by a lake formed in the crater of an extinct volcano.

The landscape in the valley with frozen lava under the volcano Masayo looks strange. Granada is the second largest preserved colonial city and you can explore it with a horse-drawn carriage. This is a kind of attraction that is offered by the locals. It is not very expensive, but it is environmentally friendly.

What to visit in Nicaragua important recommendations

In Grenada we visited a cigar factory and a chocolate factory. I can tell you that everything is done by hand, without any machines. We visited the burned cathedral, a local architectural landmark. Another natural landmark is the great lake NICARAGUA. Construction of a new canal, similar to the Panama Canal, will soon begin here, as ship traffic has increased and there are many traffic jams. The first project for the canal was here, but it was built in Panama because it is the narrowest part of the continent.

Now the traffic is very high and there is a need for a second channel for which the Americans have offered 30 billion dollars. China has offered $ 100 billion, and Russia, along with Japan, is giving $ 200 billion and starting construction of the new canal in 2022. In the western part of Nicaragua is the great lake Nicaragua – from there the canal will start. There are many rivers to the east. An artificial lake will be built there, which will be filled with rivers. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The most famous resort town in the country.

Nicaragua what to visit

Something like our Sunny Beach for American teenagers – cheap alcohol and endless parties – and a favorite retirement destination for not-so-wealthy Americans. We welcomed 2018 on the beach. There were no signs then that things would explode in a bloodbath. In fact, San Juan del Sur is still calm. Little Corn Island is a small island located about 80 km from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

The island is literally a small paradise – about 1.5 km in size, the only way to get around is on foot or by bike (no cars or motorcycles, scooters). It is not the most easily accessible if you want to avoid flying. It took me 8 hours by bus from the capital Managua to Bluefields, then 6 hours by ferry to Big corn island and finally a small motor boat (Panga) for about 45 minutes.

The option with a plane is from the capital to Big Corn (there is an airport, but there are small planes) and from there with Panga to the small one. The people here are different from the main part, they look more like Cubans and almost everyone speaks English. It is also surprisingly cheap compared to other places in Central America. Greetings from Granada – the one in Nicaragua, not the Spanish one.

The oldest settlement city on American soil, it retains much of the Old World feel. In fact, in the center you have the feeling that you are in an Andalusian village – they even offer tapas and sangria. A little further on, things get tropical. I walked to Kosibolka Lake, the only freshwater pool where sharks live. I drank a cup of ice coffee at La Casa del Cafe, I came across an impromptu concert in a church – they performed Shma Israel in a dozen voices, there is no such experience! I didn’t want to go back.