What to visit in Costa Rica, personal impressions of the places we stopped on the way to Nicaragua. If there’s one country that knows best how to market and sell, it’s Costa Rica! Everyone has heard of Costa Rica, its amazing nature and greenery everywhere, idyllic places and ecologically everything. Let’s see what our trip to Costa Rica will be like. Costa Rica is synonymous with a good time.

We were looking forward to getting to know the region and meeting the unique flora and fauna for the first time. We longed for incredible experiences in close connection with nature and the environment. As you probably know, sometimes we have to pay for our beauty. And that’s a lot. Such is the case with Costa Rica. You will enjoy your time there to the fullest, but you will have to pay.

What to see in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is kissed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, so you can imagine the dramatic views of the Pacific and the caressing Caribbean waves. Cloudy forests merge with rainforests, mountains with lowlands. We visited the country at the end of the rainy season. The mountains of Monteverde turned out to be super cool – like an eternal spring without rain. We had to wear jackets because of the wind, but it wasn’t cold.

The perfect combination. Following the Pacific coast, we finally felt the humidity and heat, as well as some stunning sunsets. But being able to dive into the ocean always makes things better. The huge trees in Manuel Antonio National Park, providing shade, also helped. As we approached the Corcovado Peninsula and the heart of the rainforest, the rainy season was justified.

What to visit in Costa Rica and Guatemala, tons of water were literally spilled one day, so there was not a single person or animal that wasn’t completely wet for the next few days. But so it is in the rainforests. The cloudy forests of Monteverde Monteverde and the area were a nice relief from all the heat and humidity we had accumulated during the trip so far. Cloudy forests, nice wind, hilly landscape – no wonder why so many people visit this eco-tourist destination.

We visited Butterfly Garden and were enchanted not only by the butterflies, but also by the other insects and arachnids that live there. We learned so many interesting facts and stories that we even started liking some of them. We could stay with the butterflies for hours. The first space was for the blue butterflies, which were super large and as they flew, they created a fabulous blue dance.

We watched them stop to eat the juicy fruits and tried to follow them for a while. Eventually we became friends with them and they landed on our shoulders. The other butterflies were small but very different species. It was difficult to see two butterflies of the same color or coloration – they were so many and so playful.

The last space was for the transparent butterflies, which were hard to find (for obvious reasons), but very interesting in that they are so camouflaged. The kingdom of butterflies! Night walks in Kinkajou. We decided to spend the evening in Kinkajou Park. We were looking forward to seeing the kinkajou mammals that gave the park its name, as well as many other nocturnal animals.

Our guide was so enthusiastic that he fell into ecstasy when we came across a bird that was foreign to the region and therefore new to him. We continued to walk and stare at the dark trees and saw many birds, a night sloth, a red-eyed frog, a coiled green snake and many other adorable animals. Of course, we did not see kinkajou, but the forest revealed new wildlife during their active nightlife on every corner. Always ask yourself the question what to visit in Costa Rica and we will answer it immediately.

We tried not to disturb them. For example, we did not light the lanterns right in the sloth, because if he thought it was day, he would fall asleep immediately. It was an exciting walk and we were happy to be a part of the night nature. And unlike most of the nights in the cloudy forests, this night the sky was clear and we admired a bunch of stars.