What to visit in Chad, such as attractions and lifestyle of the population? Things have the ability to depreciate inexorably. What touches our soul stays for a long time, sometimes forever. Every challenge is like fuel for the traveler. His dreams fly far ahead in the world of imagination. The intoxication of new destinations is a delight for the spirit. Getting out of your comfort zone is like a pill for longevity. It’s worth it, really.

As a traveling person, I can confirm these words because I often get out of everyday limitations. This is a crazy experience in Africa. This country was a French colony from the early 20th century until 1960. However, this did not prevent him from maintaining his identity. Most of Chad’s territory is occupied by the southeastern Sahara. The country is a mixture of different climatic, soil and ethnocultural zones. The culmination is of course the Ennedi Plateau.

What nature has sculpted there cannot be described in words. Even the photos fade before the experience in this different reality. Who wants to abandon the daily routine for at least two weeks, open a new page and touch a different reality, let him give a sign. Total authenticity, no influence from any tourists. To the northwest is Lake Chad. During the rainy season it becomes very large, but in recent years it has decreased significantly as the water area.

What to do in Chad

There are many reasons, but the most important is global warming. Its area today amounts to 17,806 square kilometers. The two largest rivers are the Shari and the Logon. The highest point in the Sahara Desert is the Amy-Kusi volcano – 3415 meters above sea level. It is difficult to reach and is practically not visited by tourists. We were the first Europeans to set foot in this park. The place is a paradise for wildlife lovers.

Very beautiful and totally wild, with very rare animal species. It is difficult to get there, but it was worth all the inconvenience of transfers. This is probably the wildest and farthest place from civilization, where my foot has set foot (at least during this millennium). About 17 hours drive with 4 X 4 vehicles from the capital N’Djamena (if you are lucky and everything is fine with the jeeps, the return transfer took 24 hours).

Very few other visitors, most of whom had reached there on a chartered single-engine plane. I thought it was a little expensive at $ 3,000 per group for a group of 7 people (the return flight is paid) and we did it with a ground transfer. The road to the park and back was also quite interesting. Some photos I’ve shown here, others I haven’t seen yet. The park itself is a paradise for wildlife safari lovers.

What attractions can you visit in Chad

  • The capital N’Djamena 
  • Zakouma National Park
  • Lake Chad
  • Amy-Kusi Volcano
  • Sahara Desert
  • Ennedi Plateau

In 7 days we only once met another jeep, you can see animals that are not typical of the popular parks and reserves in Africa. It was 100% worth the money and most of all the efforts to organize and conduct the trip. For me, in particular, it was a garden of paradise with many rare birds and animals that are not found in eastern or southern Africa. I saw a lot of species for the first time – Northern carmine bee-eater, Little green bee-eater, Red-fronted gazelle, Roan antelope (there is one in southern Africa, but I have not seen so far), Central African buffalo, Bush elephants, Kobus kob kob, Pale fox and others.

What to visit in Chad the perfect place for adventurers. Some time ago, poachers roamed the park and managed to reduce the number of forest elephants from about 5,000 to 500. Stress elephants have even stopped reproducing. This problem was solved a few years ago with the creation of the elite anti-poaching team “Black Mamba”, trained by French specialists. They have different units – Kalashnikov riders, jeep rangers and infantry. The slaughter of elephants is over, the animals have started to reproduce again and their numbers are gradually increasing.

We were lucky enough to meet the Phantom II platoon from this elite squad and spend a few hours with them. The level of our guide was very high. He was trained in South Africa and Malawi and very competent in various species of animals and birds (guides are known mostly for their knowledge of birds).

The jeep was also great, for the first time I’m doing a safari in a petrol (not diesel) Land Cruiser, which is much, much quieter, which helps bring the different species closer together before they fly away / run away. Zakouma is not the easiest place to reach and settle (to put it mildly), but once I have traversed the trail, I hope to visit the park again one day with some happy supporters.