Union Island and Tobago Cays, the best option to enjoy the Saint Vincent and Grenadines. When we reached Union Island, of course we all wanted to go ashore to see. We went down with the dinghy twice and the first group came across Chatham Bay Beach. Covered with mountains of rapani, but the biggest, super beautiful, pink, giant. On the way we saw a private island Palm Island, which did not allow outside visitors. It was built with houses in a very expensive hotel, the island itself was a hotel.

The water everywhere was again with all possible shades of blue. We were hit with a wet rag. Everyone looked around silent and grinning, as if we had landed on a mountain of golden treasure. We all rushed like crazy, to choose rapani, to wash and prepare them, to take them with us. We gathered 5-6 pieces until we realized that it was simply impossible to carry. Each rapan was as big as a basketball and weighed at least 2 kilograms.

Then we started looking for small rapans, but there were almost none. We later found out that people hunt rapani for the local specialty. The dish we ate the night before at Tobago Cays. The bigger, the more meat. Accordingly, they came here to take out the meat and discard the shells, and literally small mountains of rapani were obtained. In the end, I set aside three of the big ones and two of the small ones, without knowing how I would carry them. Because they would take up all the space in my bag. Then we went for a walk around the island.

What are the most beautiful beaches on Union Island

  • Chatham Bay Beach
  • Miss Irene Beach
  • Bloody Bay
  • Kite Beach
  • Clifton Beach Hotel
  • Belmont Bay

Needless to mention the white sand and palm trees, which are an integral part of the beaches on these islands. First we passed the local airport – very few and only very small planes landed here. There was a sign stating that the airport did not meet any standards, did not take responsibility for the safety of passengers and did not guarantee their smooth departure or landing.

Then we went into a small shop to buy something. My brother and I took some chewing gum, chips and some cards. There were many goats and dogs along the way, which are quite common on the islands. We were impressed that they are all very small (both goats and dogs) – there the old goat is as big as a kid in Europe. We imperceptibly entered a more civilized part with houses, shops and even a vegetable market. Everything was very small, but super colorful and colorful. There were miniature cafes with 2-3 tables, but they offered free internet everywhere. We later found out that on all the islands, where there may be only 20 houses, but there is internet!

The most beautiful places in Union Islan

We sat in a restaurant, which turned out to be run by the wife of the man who took us to dinner the night before. Another thing that impressed us – here on these islands, despite the fact that some are listed as separate countries, all constantly ticking from one island to another, all knew each other. We saw a man on three different islands, he remembered us and greeted us every time. While we were walking, I decided to try the chewing gum I bought from the small shop.

It turned out that I came across a taste that my brother has been looking for for years. He ate them a long time ago in the United States and since then every time I travel abroad I buy him a whole range of chewing gum in order to find his. But I haven’t succeeded for so many years. Until that day. It was an incredible joy – there, in the middle of nowhere in the ocean, on a small island from the Third World, in a shop outside the town. I happened to come across the chewing gum that my brother and I had been looking for for years.

Naturally, on the way back we went through the same shop to buy a larger quantity of chewing gum. It turned out that one of the group had forgotten the captain’s radio station in the store. Very expensive radio station, without which we would not have a connection with the catamaran. And there on these uninhabited islands, where there is not always coverage and the group of 11 people is often divided, it was vital. So, if I hadn’t accidentally taken some of these gums, which if I hadn’t tried before we left the island, we would have been left without a radio station.