You can save money if you want to go to Torres del Paine in Chile or walk to the shores of Lake Gray. Which offers a magnificent view of the glacier, as we did. The walking distance is about 20 minutes. We can slow down from the crowd, which gathers on the cable-stayed bridge. Only one that can reach the lake and which can pass up to six people at a time.

Lake Sarmiento is named after the Spanish explorer Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa and gives its name to part of the Torres del Paine National Park. Amazing place for photos. Lake El Toro It takes its name from the ability to “swell by 4 m along its entire length, which is 30 km. Locals say the lake and the nearby Sierra del Toro are named that way because the lake is “very angry.”

Do we need to have internet in the park

Undoubtedly the most beautiful blue color has Lake Pehoe. A beautiful place, a beautiful landscape to enjoy nature and relax your spirit. Salto Grande to get to the raging element of this waterfall requires a minimum of effort (about 20 minutes on foot). The view captivates the heart, like everything in the park. Almost all the time over the waterfall we were greeted by a rainbow bright, independent and alive.

The views of the nearby peaks are wonderful and stunning. You will be able to see this with a day trip like ours.

When to go to Torres del Paine

In these latitudes, even in summer (December to February) the temperature rarely rises above +10 ° C during the day and +3 ° C at night. Hurricane winds and occasional rain make travelers feel the harsh nature of Patagonia. Ideal time is February, the driest month of the year.

We visited the park in February and the weather was wonderful, as everywhere in Patagonia – bright sun, sky – without a single cloud, very quiet weather – not even a twig moved. Tale… As Torres del Paine in Chile is extremely popular with Chileans and residents of other Latin American countries. Most tourists visit it during the summer months, you will need to book a place to stay in advance. This will require careful route planning.

Where to eat in Torres del Paine

There are several small shops in the national park where you can buy snacks, bread and drinks, three restaurants. As well as the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the refjio. In addition all these points are marked on the cards that are issued when purchasing an entrance ticket. Be prepared for prices that will shock you. For example, a chocolate bar costs $ 3 and a sandwich no less than $ 7.

Firstly one refjio meal costs from $ 12 for breakfast, $ 25 to dinner. Secondly prices in the restaurant are even higher: coffee costs from $ 5, lunch – $ 40, and dinner at least $ 60 without wine. Accommodation in the park is also very expensive in the range of $ 250 in a hotel and $ 30- $ 80 per night in hostels called “refhio”. Thirly in a common room for several people, and to change the bed linen is paid separately $ 5. Cool Yyeee ?

If you want clean sheets, please give five cents! Such an inhuman expense makes many tourists prefer tents. For example you also have to pay from $ 5 to $ 15 for a place in the campsite. Here you can rent a tent and a sleeping mattress (about $ 10 and $ 5, respectively). Campsite has a toilet and shower, but no shops. Sleeping outside the campsites is strictly forbidden for safety reasons: firstly, to protect nature from people and secondly. However to protect people from nature – cougars and other predators are found in the park.

The best time to visit Chile

Meeting them at night does not promise to be very pleasant! Why do we have to travel half the world? To feel in the heart of the harsh and beautiful Patagonia, at the end of the earth. In the land of hurricanes and bright sun. Bottomless lakes and blue ice, golden plains and inaccessible mountains, where indescribable magic reigns! How see the towers of Torres are painted red at sunrise. Because of the racing wild horses or the herds of guanacos, standing as if for a photo on the nearby hills. So that you, like us, can rest in the untouched nature.