We will touch the most beautiful beaches of Barbados, and not only them. My first and hopefully not the last impressions of this Caribbean island. Barbados is the easternmost island in the Caribbean and the most spared by hurricanes due to the fact that it is located outside the hurricane belt or rather at its end. The island is made of limestone rocks and has a flatter terrain than most volcanic Caribbean islands.

Quite overcrowded for its size, the population is about 280,000, the official language is British English, but the locals speak Beijani dialect, which is a mixture of broken English, pidgin (simplified English with elements of local language) and distinctive local Beijin. I mention it because I personally got tired of trying to understand this dialect. Barbados offers charming beaches, quiet and peaceful Caribbean waters on the south and west coasts and undulating and stormy on the east, ideal for kitesurfing.

There is a great variety of beaches, they are easier to get around if you rent a car, the distances are not great, but due to the narrow streets and high traffic even on the highway, it takes more time to get from one point to another.

There are many places for snorkeling and diving, but most are on the west coast. Interesting places to visit, away from the beaches are Harrison’s Cave and Animal Flower Cave and both are exceptional places and should not be missed.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Barbados

  • Paradise Beach
  • Heywoods Beach
  • Sandy Lane Beach
  • Dover Beach
  • Brandons Beach
  • Miami Beach
  • Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach rocks in the shape of mushrooms in the ocean;

Hunte’s Garden is a beautiful private botanical garden created and owned by an Englishman who welcomes and pays special attention to each of the visitors to his estate;

Andromeda Botanical Garden another botanical garden;

St. Nicolas Abbey rum plantation;

Oistin Fish Fry Festival every Friday night with music, delicious fresh grilled fish and seafood, it’s nice to go early because the seats are reserved and there is a lot to wait for. We rented a car and a house for our ten-day stay. Barbados, I would like to conclude by saying that it is a very expensive island. The most expensive of all the Caribbean islands visited by me so far. Prices are twice as high as in the United States and may be equal to the English, including those of food.

For example, two liters of fresh coconut water on the highway costs BBD13 or US 7.50. Otherwise you can buy a coconut from the local market for US 1.50. There are shops and markets next to the bus station in the center, along the river in the direction of the center, there is a large supermarket, which is well stocked. There is also a small market where you can buy fruits and vegetables from the locals. A little further is a shopping center.

What to see in Barbados

A day trip around Barbados (about $ 130) is what I highly recommend. There is an option to choose which sights to visit + included lunch on the ocean + rum treat. The zoo was part of our program and it is a must see! At 2 pm the animals are fed and visitors can join. The animals walk freely around. The monkeys of “Give me five” react and give 5 to the children. Incredible!

Turtle swimming can be skipped as part of paid excursions (although we were half a day on a “pirate ship”). Anyway, on the beach of Dover anyone with snorkeling and modest swimming skills can swim with them for free. Another extremely interesting thing I saw was the Cannonball tree or translated cannonball tree. In the crown it looks like a normal tree with green leaves, but the exceptional thing is that it blooms and bears its fruits, which look like bullets directly from its trunk.

The flowers are very beautiful orchid-like and smell amazing. I could not separate from this tree for at least 30 minutes. It turned out that the tree is rare, and I was extremely lucky not only to see it, but to immerse myself in the blissful aroma of its flowers. In Barbados, the English influence is very strong, both in architecture and in order and holidays. The island has an amazing infrastructure, a lot of money is invested in maintenance, but it is overcrowded.