An unforgettable summer on Rhodes island in 2018, before the world changes completely. I begin my story with the town of Lindos, a small and hot but hospitable fishing village founded by the Dorians 3,000 years ago. It is located on the east coast of Rhodes, with an ancient acropolis on the hill and stunning views, with an authentic Greek atmosphere and simple white houses, with narrow cobbled streets, charming old doors and lush pink bougainvillea. To this day, donkeys remain the main and almost the only means of transport for the village.

The three-thousand-year-old Acropolis of Lindos is located on Rhodes island and is the remains of an ancient Greek temple of the goddess Athena Lindia. It is probably one of the oldest castles in the world, as well as one of the most important archeological sites in Greece, the second most important acropolis after the one in Athens. It is built on a high rock and reveals magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. The history of the sanctuary dates back to the geometric period (IX century BC). In the III century BC. the cult of Zeus Polyus was introduced, although Athens remained the main deity of the sanctuary.

Most likely it was a fortress during the Trojan War and continued to be an acropolis during the archaic period, the Greek classical period, the Roman and Byzantine periods and during the occupation of the island by the Knights of the Order of St. John.

What are the sights of the island of Rhodes

  • The city of Lindos
  • Acropolis in Lindos
  • Acropolis in the city of Rhodes
  • Faliraki Beach
  • Venetian castles near Monolithos

The Valley of the Butterflies is located on the west coast of Rhodes island. This magical valley is the temporary home of thousands of Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterflies, which appear every year after the rainy season in late May. Butterflies spend all summer in the humid valley, covering the trunks of trees like a second bark. Most females then fly away, sometimes traveling 25 kilometers, to bury their eggs before dying.

The southern part of the landmarks of Rhodes is significantly hotter, but in such places the heat is absolutely tolerable. If you visit the city of Rhodes (the capital of the island of Rhodes), be sure to walk around the Old Town, almost unchanged from the Middle Ages to the present day. The city was founded in 408. BC and is located in the northernmost part of the eponymous Greek island. Over the centuries, it has been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Knights Hospitaller, Ottoman Turks and Italians, and they have all left their mark on it. Today, the magnificent old town of is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What I liked on the island of Rhodes

The dusty and hot island is dotted with countless olive groves. As far as the eye can see, centuries-old olive trees cover the rocky land, solid eucalyptus trees and conifers creep in here and there, and beyond the silver crowns of the olives sparkle the turquoise waters of the endless sea, bathed in abundant sunlight. The sky is crystal blue. The constant monotonous hum of cicadas serves as a musical accompaniment. Fragrant oleanders sway along the road, local farms offer their own produce of olives, olive oil, honey and terracotta, and white, Greek-style villas with pink bougainvillea-lined entrances shelter thousands of tourists thirsting for sunshine and well-deserved rest.

Next to the beach, beautiful oases are nestled in cozy coves with small beaches and crystal clear waters. Under the straw umbrellas, the caressing sea breeze does not allow the heat to darken the tranquility of beachgoers who have forgotten their watches somewhere far from the shore. Plenty of delicious seafood, soft drinks and divine views nourish the body and senses and charge the soul with wonderful emotions.

Small old towns with hospitable and kind hosts welcome the relentless flow of tourists through the narrow, cobbled streets, dotted with cozy restaurants, taverns, cafes and colorful shops. Cats, many lazy cats, stretched out overheated bodies all over the shady places, complete the hospitable atmosphere of the island. And magical sunsets. This is how I felt about the beautiful and ancient Rhodes. This is how our unforgettable blue summer will remain in my memories. Who knows, we may meet again ..