Sightseeing in Eritrea one of the least visited and hard to reach countries in the world. The capital Asmara is a unique place. For several years now, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Asmara is more reminiscent of a city in southern Italy than one in Africa. This is precisely because many of the buildings in the capital were built when Eritrea was an Italian colony. Many people of the older generation know Italian, and some of the most iconic buildings in the city are Cinema Roma, Cinema Impero and the futuristic Fiat Tagliero.

Also, despite the country’s poor image, it is one of the safest countries in Africa at the moment, where you can easily walk alone in the evening, bars and discos are open until the morning, and the streets in the capital are clean and tidy. But let’s look philosophically at what has happened in this African country.

What are the sights of Eritrea

  • The capital Asmara
  • The city of Massava
  • Dahlak Islands

Unfulfilled civilization is a gift rather than a flaw. Especially in the south. There are two points of view on the subject. The colonizers (in this case, the Italians) claim to bring progress to backward nations. The colonies claim that by subjugating them, foreigners stop their development in the right direction. I don’t know, maybe both are true. Life is more complicated than it seems.

One thing is for sure. It’s sad to see people taken out of context. Forced to live by other people’s rules and under another’s flag. Imposing a model as a general measure of success is not only wrong, but also disastrous. In the heart of Mago National Park, for example, a sugar cane processing plant has been built. This has driven wild animals away. What needs to happen to wake up and realize that greed is destructive to everyone.

We are immanently connected with nature and its destruction is a blow to future generations. An Arab wisdom states: “If the stone hits the egg, it is a pity for the egg. If the egg hits the stone – sorry for the egg. It is naive to think that Western civilization is the stone and everything else is the egg. What impressed me while traveling by car between the capital Asmara to the city of Massawa?

Driving from Asmara to Massawa before reaching Nefasit, if you look to the right, you will see magnificent natural views. Take your camera and take some pictures like I did. I wish everyone who visits Eritrea this summer to take their children to visit Qohaito, Keskese, Below-Below and all the historical places, so that they can not only enjoy the visit, but also learn about their origins and history. If you are traveling in the coastal areas of Eritrea, it is good to know that everything is a protected area.

Although there are no tourist beaches, with few exceptions, this does not mean that it is not beautiful and attractive to the traveler.