Sights of Patagonia that I was able to visit during my long vacation. Our life is too short to fulfill all our dreams. That’s why we shouldn’t waste it on unnecessary fears and scruples. If you want something, take it now. In an instant. Don’t delay! Sometimes madness can bring you joy that leaves indelible memories. Such a memory is distant Patagonia. Almost at the end of the world, surrounded by mysticism, harsh wind and majestic old glaciers.

A wasteland plunged into timelessness, where only the rumble of breaking icebergs disturbs the tranquility of this frozen world. The waves of Lago Argentino count the beat of your heart. And you are alone. There, on a lonely shore amidst the winds, lost in thought, you have the most sincere conversation with your soul. You merge with nature to feel the power and raw beauty of this majestic creation. You don’t feel the cold and the rain, which sticks its drops like needles on your face and makes you feel more alive than ever.

Patagonia attractions

In this inhospitable place you discover the beauty that few people have the fortune to see and even less to appreciate. You shake the memory of a slowly disappearing world. The madness in you rejoices that you made it this far. To open your eyes to a different world. To feel emotions far from the comfort of the familiar, and to rediscover yourself. Here you are here on this rocky shore, in front of you is the past dressed in ice, behind you is the unclear future that awaits you.

But with every breath you take, you testify that you are alive in this moment of timelessness, a collector of memories and emotions. Another dream came true and life goes on Patagonia is an amazing region in the southern part of South America, located on the territory of Chile and Argentina. It is a unique combination of majestic forest landscapes, spacious plains, glaciers, lakes and endless deserts. Patagonia known for its unique beauty and variety of natural wonders.

The main symbol of Patagonia are impressive high peaks. Majestic forests such as Monte Fitz-Roy and Torres del Paine, with their snow-covered roofs and sharp cliffs, create a fascinating sight that attracts many tourists and climbers from all over the world. In Patagonia, you can also find huge glacier fields, such as the Perito-Moreno Glacier, one of the most famous and accessible glaciers to visit. Patagonia is also famous for its vast plains.

Most of this region is represented by steppe pastures where you can see sheep and cows. Here you can meet huge herds of llamas and guanacos that freely roam the vast deserts. This amazingly biodiverse region also serves as home to a variety of bird species, including penguins and albatrosses, as well as a host of other animal species. Patagonia’s cultural heritage also influences this area.

The local peoples, including the Tekelshey Indians and the Aonikenk Indians, have a rich history and culture that has been preserved to this day. Tourists can learn about their traditions and art, as well as learn about the lives of the first explorers, such as Fernando Magellan and Charles Darwin, who visited this area in the past. Patagonia – this is the place that enchants.