Lake Kawaguchi Japan beautiful all year round. This week I took a walk to Lake Kawaguchi. This is the most accessible of the so-called “Fuji five lakes”. Perhaps the best place for those who want to contemplate Mt.Fuji.

I was fascinated. Unwittingly, I hit the right moment in time. Right now there is peak koyo season, or the peak of autumn colors. On top of that, the days were warm and sunny. Mount Fuji displays all its magnificence. Just heaven for landscape photography.

Next to Kawaguchi is Shureito Pagoda, which is one of the most photographed pagodas in Japan. The town is small – about 20,000 people. I can’t say it was crowded with tourists. If you have a trip to Japan in the first two weeks of November, I recommend it! Here are some pictures from there. Otherwise, koyo season in Kyoto is from November 15 to 30.

There will be a big shoot in Japan these two weeks! Here is some information about Lake Kawaguchi. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s pronounced in Japanese. You may encounter it as Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchi-ko). This is the best option for panoramic photos of Mount Fuji, of course if the weather is nice and clear. I was that lucky, so check out the pictures.

Which I have attached to the article

Lake Kawaguchi is located in Yamanashi Prefecture and one of the Fuji five lakes. The other lakes are: Lake Motosu, Lake Saiko, Lake Shoji, and Lake Yamanaka. Lake Kawaguchiko is located about 800 meters above sea level in Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

The summer here is cool and humid, and the winter cold with sub-zero temperatures. As I already mentioned this lake is the most popular for landscape photography of Mt.Fuji and in recent years it has replaced Lake Yamanaka. As seen in the distance, the peak of Fuji is covered in snow year-round. A nice, peaceful place to live, but it’s quite far.

On the other side of the world. Here are some more details about Chureito Pagoda. It is a five-story, red pagoda with a green roof. It is located next to the town of Fujioshida, perched on a high slope. There is free parking at the foot of Chureito Pagoda.

You have to walk up about 400 steps, but there is also a bypass asphalt road designed for wheelchairs. This is the most photographed pagoda in the area overlooking Mt.Fuji. Every season is favorable for photos, but the most suitable is April when the cherries are in bloom.

Lake Kawaguchi Japan photos in November. Chureito Pagoda and climbing 400 steps, free parking and pleasant moments contemplating Mount Fuji.