Georgia caucasus tour, I can hardly describe our admiration for this small country – magical peaks, incredible churches and monasteries, mystical forests and glaciers, unique culture and traditions. Extremely hospitable people, life and health, next year we will return again and do the extremely beautiful high mountain Caucasus tour!

Which places we visited in Georgia in 10 days

  • Narkala fortress in Tbilisi
  • Aragvi River
  • Shara Glacier
  • Chaladi Glacier
  • Peak Shkhara-5201
  • Gergeti Church

Peak Shkhara-5201 meters and the glacier below it is a magical place! Against the background of the highest Georgian peak, Kazbek 5054 meters, we took a unique photo with my wife. One of the most photographed places in Georgia is Gergeti Church, but you need to know exactly where to stand to get the best shot. The large dam in Georgia, under socialism, was the largest in the world, now it is already in 7th place.

Georgia landmarks, a very underrated country, yet so beautiful and with so much to see and experience. People speak Georgian and Russian and few of them English, so I suggest you buy a local SIM card at the airport and download the BOLT app (it’s like UBER but cheaper). You definitely need a local tour guide. We only had it for 4 days and without it we wouldn’t have been able to see so much. We traveled 11 hours a day by car and toured different places).

It cost us $100 a day total. Hostels and guest houses are preferable. Every season has its own beauty. We were there now October and caught some snow on the mountains. It was very cold. Check the weather before you decide to go. GEORGIA – direct flights there already open many opportunities for travelers and seekers of colorful emotions.

I had the incredible opportunity to meet face to face with the Caucasus, which showed us its harsh character in August as well. There are duplicate inscriptions in Latin for the main landmarks. In shops, hotels and restaurants it is easier to understand each other in Russian than in English, but the younger generation already speaks. Orientate yourself – until 35 – 40 years old they speak English and the younger they are, the greater the chance to understand each other, and above this age rely on Russian, with that charming Georgian pronunciation that makes the contact unforgettable.

By chance I found out that there is a small airline company Vanilla Sky that has regular flights from Tbilisi to Mestia with small 15 local planes. They also arranged the transfer to the airport, which is not the international airport of Tbilisi, but a small airport adapted to the needs of the company. I am extremely happy that I was able to fly because I cannot describe what I experienced either with words or with photo or film material.

The feeling of flying this little shell between the majestic peaks of the Caucasus is indescribable and must be experienced in person. By the way, the highest peak in Europe – Elbrus (5642 m.) is located in the Caucasus. And the next two highest peaks in Europe are also here in the Caucasus – Dykhtau (5204 m.) and Shkhara (5202 m.) The police building and the airport make a particularly pleasant impression in Mestia.

The most characteristic in this area are the houses with their towers, for which there is a lot of debate as to what their essence and function is. With the increase of tourists in recent times, it is noticeable that the locals are seriously engaged in the field of tourism as a shelter, which includes dinners prepared by the hosts themselves or various tours around the mountains as well as the transfer to Ushguli. The settlement is included in the list of cultural and historical heritage of UNESCO.