Four days in Barcelona that flew by. The Sofia Barcelona attractions flight was with Wizz Air (evening) for 2 hours and 45 minutes. We were met by Boyan (our guide), transport, accommodation at the Best 4 Hotel, a short evening walk to get mineral water, because the Barcelona water from the taps is very chlorinated. The next morning we did the extensive panoramic bus tour through the streets of Barcelona lasting about 5 hours, we entered Park Güell.

In my opinion, this landmark is a little overrated because of the big hype, but we checked it off anyway. In fact, before Antoni Gaudí intervened, this place had only pebbles and grass. The idea of ​​the rich industrialist Eusebio Güell was to build a neighborhood for the rich to live away from the busy city life. Unfortunately, the project failed for many reasons. In the end, it turned out to be a beautiful park that you can spend 2 hours on.

What can be seen in Park Güell.

At the entrance to the town there are two quaint houses (Hansel and Gretel’s houses). One has been converted into a souvenir shop. In general, nothing significant inside. From the outside, they look like fairy-tale houses. Above these houses there is a colonnade that Gaudí intended to become a market. The columns are very similar to those of the Acropolis of Athens in Greece. They support the upper panoramic terrace, from where there is a wide view. It is as big as half a football field and is surrounded by the longest bench in the form of a snake (dragon). It was designed and executed by Gaudí, and the cladding is like a mosaic (broken, glued, colored glass). There are many palm trees in the park and narrow paths around them. Above the terrace is a colonnade of arcades with inlaid large stones taken from the site on which they were built. An interesting interpretation of the arches, the shape of which I have not seen elsewhere. The entrance fee is 10 euros km 2022.

The second attraction that I will draw your attention to is the Arc de Triomphe. It is located near the seashore and the Citadel Park. It was made of bricks for the first world exhibition in 1888 and is 32 meters high. By chance, while we were looking at it, there was some kind of celebration next to it with participants from Peru. Very loud ones at that, including fireworks and firecrackers. They drove out all the parrots in the area. We took a short half hour walk in the Citadel Park. Here there is a cascade of waterfalls, Gaudi’s fountain, the castle with the three dragons and the zoo.

There are many places for yoga and pilates in the park. People like to run and do sports in general. We saw similar activities while walking along the promenade. Many gymnasiums have been built. By the way, the water in the Mediterranean Sea was about 20 degrees. I could take a bath in peace. The next landmark of Barcelona is Plaza España. Also an interesting place that includes the old bullring, the fountain around which the cars circle, the two Venetian towers, etc. There are two options to view Plaza España from above. One place is to climb the Arena Barcelona (the old bullring) or from Montjuic Hill. The Barcelona Art Museum is located on this hill. It was built for the 1929 World’s Fair.

The view in favorable, sunny weather is amazing. You can see the singing fountains of Montjuic, the two Venetian towers, the four columns symbolizing the four regions of Catalonia. Walk for a few hours in the Gothic Quarter. Small, narrow streets with shops, old architecture and definitely try the Spanish halva. I saw her in many places in the Gothic Quarter, and not only there. I also visited the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. It is next to the statue of Columbus. Inside there are hundreds of models of Spanish ships and their history. There is a life size galley and rigging model and.

This is where the royal workshop used to be. Admission for adults is 10 euros, but there are discounts for groups of more than 10 people and for students. The most important landmark of Barcelona, ​​in my opinion, is the Sagrada Familia. We left it for dessert. It is difficult to describe in a few words. It is something different from anything I have visited so far.

I liked the Nativity facade the most. From a distance it looks cluttered, but if you look at the individual details, you will understand that it is not. It is expected to be completed in 2028. The most important biblical scenes, which are important to know at least from a general culture, are recreated. The basilica is even more beautiful from the inside. The lights from the stained glass windows are amazing. I especially liked the blue and yellow lights facing each other. The interior bearing columns are like tree trunks and are made of hard granite stone imported from Iran.

Gaudí aimed to recreate nature with this work of his in all its nuances. Inside, the Sagrada Familia is very spacious without any unnecessary clutter. There are wooden benches in the middle where one can sit and enjoy the beauty of this basilica. To listen to church music and relax. The entrance fee is about 30 euros. All in all, Barcelona can be explored in about 4-5 days normally (the tourist part). It’s a quiet city, everything is kind of casual, there aren’t the big traffic jams I’ve seen in Rome or Paris. It is designed for pedestrians and cyclists. We walked along the pedestrian shopping street Rambla, which connects the roundabout with the Christopher Columbus monument, to Plaza Catalunya (the center of Barcelona).

In the middle of the roundabout there is a square where you can feed the thousands of pigeons. The easiest way to get around is by metro. It’s big, over 300 stations, you can easily handle it, because the inscriptions are in Latin. Overall, Barcelona is an expensive city. Food especially in the central (tourist) places is expensive. A traditional specialty is paella, which is nothing special. It is cooked rice with various spices according to the chef’s taste and can have seafood, meat or vegetarian inside. We also explored the indoor market Mercado De La Boqueria.

It offers exclusively and only meat food and very few fruits and vegetables. In conclusion, I can write that I was satisfied with Barcelona, ​​I saw everything I came for. I made a lot of videos that anyone can watch on Youtube if they want. With a good organization, you can visit the capital of Catalonia on a small budget. I recommend this destination with both hands.