The action starts in Antigua, Guatemala, but takes place in Copan Mayan city in Honduras. While waiting for better times for travel, I remember the past. It lifts my spirits and smiles. 3.15 am local time, the alarm rings. I jump quickly from the comfortable bed, aided by the great time difference, by virtue of which my biological clock measures time early in the evening and leisurely. An hour later I was built with a camera and some luggage at the entrance of the hostel – junior high school, staring at the cute little plane in the yard?!?

I do not dream, he was there the day before when I settled. The route is accurate, it arrives at 4. I push into the narrow space between the seats, acceptable for the locals, but not enough for the length of my lower limbs and take the position of a swallowed cane. Then we meander through the dark streets with a slight tumult on the uneven cobblestones, pick up a few more people and, sleepily blinking at each other, head for the Honduran border.

Getting up early and rocking the bus evenly have an effect and almost immediately the canes soften, and we pull all 9 passengers together in a few hours. In the most amazing poses. For me, the movement is from the waist up – very minimalist, down I am completely trapped between the seats. However, I sleep. We cross the border quickly – there are no crowds, only a handful of tourists, even the Chinese are a place. On the Honduran side, fingerprints are being taken from us, which naturally brings a puzzled look on my face .

What you can visit in Copan Honduras

Knowing the levels of crime at the local level, do they expect us to stir up and darken the fame of the local mobsters ?? Unlikely! My imagination is running high and I am obsessed with my typical “practical thoughts” on clearing the details. Hmmm, what a golden year for the criminal elements last century. I’d better cross out the idea and dampen my natural curiosity not to dig in that direction. We arrive exactly at noon, it is 35 degrees Celsius. For a minute I boil and decide to stretch out cool in the room.

I am pleasantly surprised how nice the hostel is and the internet is fast. A short break with free welcome coffee a few cups and on to the ruins. The first obligatory stop is the Museum of Sculptures in Copan, which is located next to the entrance of the complex, which closes earlier. The ancient city of Copan reminds me a lot of the Acropolis in Athens, I mean the location of the pyramids and statues.

The restoration itself is still ongoing and it is likely that when you come here some of the attractions are covered. Wooo, with the entry my mouth hangs, my eyes wide open, children’s joy and excitement flow from every cell of my body. This is the greatest museum I’ve ever seen. Inside are preserved bas-reliefs of stone and cement + the supposed facade of the Acropolis. Copan is amazing, it ignites the imagination, and the altars on display in the West Courtyard make me shiver with slight terror. How much innocent blood has been shed on these stones with the idea of ​​appeasing and honoring the ancient gods. Why did people attribute so much cruelty to them?!?

How to get to Copan Honduras

This typical human quest for power and wealth. The Mayan civilization is ancient and dates back to the first centuries of our era. Shrouded in mystery, raising questions that archaeologists have yet to answer. One thing is for sure, the jungle jealously guards its secrets and the complete excavation of the complex is currently financially impossible for a country like Honduras. Large trees have grown on the ruins, weaving massive rhizomes into a mixture of stone and soil. The great constructive force of all time – Nature. You can see similar Mayan pyramids in Mexico

Civilizations are changing, collapsing, and it is still there – powerful and unshakable. Like these trees. Large, colorful macaw parrots perched on their branches. I return from the entrance because I missed the ladder with the largest hieroglyphic inscription from pre-Columbian America. Sunset is approaching, it has cooled down a bit and the parrots are perched on the ruins, and their colored feathers contrast with the dark stones. Beautiful view! The rosy clouds photographically fascinate me, but also herald the end of the light part of the day. Copan Mayan city in Honduras is a distant destination for us Europeans

The warning alarm in my head starts beeping anxiously and drives me to the exit. Of course not here, and the sun, huge and red, has almost reached the horizon. It will soon be dark, and Honduras’ fame as a dangerous destination leaves no room for hesitation. I will not hang out in the dark, I will walk, the town is close. He shows up here in the middle of the road, melts my worries and I still finish in the center – clean, colorful and unexpectedly coquettish. A very nice place is Kopan, quiet, with a nice little square. There is an archeological museum with a slave. time 14 – 21h. I did not pay attention to this fact in time and unfortunately I could not look at it.