It’s time to climb Fuego Volcano Guatemala. The inspiration for the whole trip to Guatemala was the idea of ​​seeing lava and an erupting volcano, close enough. An hour’s journey by minibus from Antigua begins the climb to the campsite with the best night view. Several times I tried to read on the Internet and each time I came across misleading information that a displacement of 2200 altitude was rising. Let me add that climbing up to 4000 m + dragging a heavy backpack with warm clothes, water for 2 days, and in my case photographic equipment.

I was in complete shock and worry whether I would be able to cope, because I had not undertaken such a difficult undertaking before, and I have a problem with one shoulder … With a clear awareness of how difficult it will be and for a moment I did not think to give up. I stubbornly follow the beetles in my head and the path drawn for me, without delving into the price of the physical and mental fatigue I pay.

I kept the Tropicana hostel for $ 69 because they advertised an already built campsite upstairs, which saved a few pounds in luggage in terms of equipment. I bet on intensive physical training in the gym and hiking in the mountains. So, equipped with sticks, warm clothes and comfortable shoes, I watched for about an hour with curiosity the preparation of the rest of the group.

How to get to Fuego Guatemala volcano

Young people aged 20+, most of them visibly inexperienced in the mountains, and I kept wondering how they would be able to push up. Something was not logical to me, which meant that there was a gap in my information. Well, that was it! The bus landed at 2,500 meters above sea level, which radically changed the situation. 1300 m above sea level seems quite achievable. There is even an option to rent a backpack carrier for 200 quetzals.

Climb Fuego Volcano Guatemala
Climb Fuego Volcano Guatemala

I describe all this in detail, because someone can get excited about the idea and let them know that it is not scary, just a desire to have. We started from a beautiful rainforest, with trees wrapped in moss. The light fog complemented the fairytale effect, yet we were in the Mayan lands, where legends come to life. Up to 3,000 meters above sea level there were flowers and greenery, which were abruptly replaced by black volcanic soil from long-frozen magma.

Shortly before the camp we entered the clouds and the landscape became completely surreal with emerging and disappearing crooked trees and the white sea below us. All this sounded with the shaking rumble of the erupting volcano, which was not yet visible, wrapped in a thick white blanket. Did you imagine the picture? There was dinner by the campfire. Why Fuego volcano Guatemala should be visited?

The night and the cold slowly enveloped us. I went to bed early in the tent with 6 other girls and 2 hours later I felt the hustle and bustle around me. At first I thought that the cold kept them awake, but after a while they shook me: “Get up, the volcano is visible!” I unwrapped the blankets and sack, grabbed the camera, and went outside. And here he is – the handsome Fuego! He shouts and angrily throws fire at night.

During the stronger eruptions, the lava flooded and flowed down the slope. That’s why I was here and I saw it, I felt it, I heard it. The echo of the rumble resonated with me every time. It was an extraordinary, lively and intense emotion. Fulfilling! Cut it with a knife. I stood for 2 hours and dug into the sack again. Unsuccessful sleep attempt, whether from cold or excitement, or regret that I am not outside with each new eruption.

Early in the morning, the guide set the tone for the song and took us for a morning warm-up to the top of the Acatanango volcano. Just to remind you that it is a neighboring peak of the volcano Fuego. In fact, Acatanango Volcano is dormant because the lava eruption is through Fuego Volcano. But the two together called them by the common name La Horqueta. Only from there you can calmly observe and take pictures in clear weather.

According to the program, we had a meeting at sunrise. Brutal scree and slope, well, it was only 300 meters displacement, it was a scratch and a miracle. And up between the sky and a sea of ​​clouds, a unique view of the more distant volcano Agua awaited us. The program was implemented and overfulfilled successfully. We continue to our next destination in Central America – Honduras.

Photos, unadulterated joy, lightness … that’s how a person upstairs feels. And the soul flies! Lucky is everyone who follows their dreams and makes them come true! Then back to the breakfast and coffee camp. We ran the distance down almost on the run, twice as fast. I took a quick shower at the hotel and took a minute to rest at the airport.