Cities on lake Como, that I love to travel, I love, I even adore, it’s a passion that can literally move you forward. If you forgot to charge your batteries for the last few years because of the pandemic, this is even more true. But since I’m used to telling you here about those places that can literally take your breath away, today I’m going to tell you about Lake Como, which corresponds exactly to the first part of this sentence.

In fact, no, not only the lake, but also its charming surrounding towns, perched on the edge of the picturesque Italian Alps – Varena and Bellagio, the younger brother Menaggio, Lalio, Canzo and Como himself, where he spent his last days expelled from his homeland. To be honest, I have always preferred to describe such places mostly with feelings, and here it is one thing – a unique peace, as if you managed to get your own piece of Paradise.

Well, read and enjoy, but don’t forget one thing – no description can compare to what you can experience on your own when faced with the unique creations of nature. Well, Lake Como, which is the third largest lake in Italy, has a unique intriguing shape – the letter U. It is over 400 meters deep, its bottom is more than 200 meters below sea level, the length – about 45 kilometers . The good news is that it is actually only 50 kilometers from Milan, to which there are regular flights of low-cost companies, so the mission is not impossible at all. From the fashion capital you can travel by train in about 40 minutes to Varena with a connection to Lecco, most of which you already have a great view of the lake.

Here it is worth mentioning the difference between Varena and Bellagio – the former is far more devoid of tourist madness and has retained its charming picturesque mountain beauty, while the latter is now so popular that it is more reminiscent of resorts on the French Riviera. Whatever you choose, however, you will not go wrong – the narrow cobbled streets filled with thousands of flowers and greenery, steep hills, majestic views up and down… this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts not only in Italy but in the world as a whole .

Which cities on Lake Como we visited

  • Bellagio
  • Menaggio
  • Lalio
  • Como

The movement between the different places is by ferries, sea taxis, yachts and all kinds of vessels, and the prices are quite reasonable, but if you prefer to walk to all locations on the lake, rather get a day ticket for 15 euros (at least before) the pandemic). (By the way, if you plan to shoot in more detail, take the slow ferry, which travels for two hours on water routes, and for travel – fast – for about 40 minutes). If you decide to spend the night in Varena or Bellagio, you will not go wrong, because you will certainly have more time to feel the atmosphere of the locals. Boiled is more affordable, including eating local delicacies or just sitting down to drink a typical coffee (I’m still shocked by the “long coffee” in Italy, which is served almost in a thimble and is three times shorter than its Bulgarian counterpart, but on the other hand it is much richer in taste and aroma).

However, it was my first contact with the view of Como and I will remember for a lifetime my sloping face while enjoying the combination of the lake and the mountain environment – did I mention that this is my great weakness (unlike the sea, it is not really my). Bellagio is much more expensive, which can be seen from the majestic shiny hotels, but if you separate a little outside the city, you come across local houses where you can sleep and enjoy the amazing view of the lake from your terrace. The town itself is mixed with locals and tourists and almost all restaurants are full, but have a great atmosphere – the pizzas have a thin crust and fully justify the reputation of Italians as excellent chefs, and they themselves are smiling and full of life.

Mentioning the latter, I can personally confirm that this is not a myth for them at all – in Italy people are really a lot of life and pleasures. At our check-in, the hostess invited us to an evening party, and at 20:00 when we returned our yard was filled with hundreds of people drinking, eating and dancing, of course with their typical noise, turning the late atmosphere into a hive with swarming bees. Well, at 02:00 it was not so much fun, but apparently the local mentality does not allow you to say goodbye before 5 in the morning, so we spent a half-asleep disco night.

However, I can’t deny the enthusiasm of these azzurri – to watch 80-year-old grandmothers jump up and talk for the last time in the early hours of the morning, while you’re swaying in your chair … well, I don’t know what I’m saying. it is a living exhibition .. From Bellagio or Varena (from the second, be sure to visit the local attraction – the castle of ghosts Vezio) you can jump to one of the popular destinations around – the royal villa Carlotta, the little “brother” Menaggio, Canzo or the resort of Cadenabia. If you are curious, there is also a water transport to the village of Lalio, where George Clooney’s villa is located. We couldn’t see each other this time, he was making a movie in the United States, but he had given me the key, so we took her there one night.

And before you ask for photos, ask me not to upload, so the idea of renting it out has become meaningless. Finally, as a typical European, I advise you to visit the eponymous town of Como at the end of the lake (after which it is named) and from there take the funicular to Villa Belavista in Brunate, where he spent his last days ousted from his homeland Pencho Slaveykov . You will recognize it easily – it features a large memorial bust and inscription.

From the top there is a great view of Como and the lake, and you can enjoy the other villas, which are definitely quite impressive in terms of architecture. And to maintain my reputation as a good boy (low insinuations!), One piece of advice – do not deprive yourself of three things during your trip, local coffee, local ice cream and local pizza. In this sense, be sure to choose the restaurants where locals eat in front of tourists – not because of the price, but because you will feel the real taste of Italy. And the feeling is, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime!