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Central America a small area but of great importance to the Earth. This land became famous immediately after the Great Geographical Discoveries. Until then, time seems to have stopped.
The concept of Central America as a continent is not officially accepted in geography. Because it is located between North America and South America, this narrow strip of land is called for convenience. This is the place of two great civilizations. Before the Europeans came, the Maya and Aztecs lived in these places. There are many architectural monuments discovered in recent centuries.

They are on display in museums and can be seen for a minimal fee. Another characteristic of Central America are the well-preserved flora and fauna. The local population is extremely poor and relies mainly on tourism and agriculture. Fishing is developed in the coastal areas. In general, traveling in these areas is dangerous if you do not hire a guide.

Which are the countries in Central America

Tulum Mexico Ruinas Mayas.
Tulum Mexico Ruinas Mayas.
  • Belize
  • Guatemala
  • Panama
  • Honduras
  • Mexico

In conclusion, we will mention the delicious food that you must try (especially Mexican food). We hope that in years to come here will be a good place to live and more tourists to visit these wonderful places.
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