After seven months on the continent of South America, we walked from the unknown Chile to the Caribbean Sea and so we found ourselves in this earthly paradise. It is not easy to find pristine and unknown beaches, because they are rare in northern Colombia or Brazil.

When you meet the local tribes you will find out about their interesting beliefs and social structure. They believe in the Great Mother, who according to them is the driving force of nature. The natives accept the Earth as a living being, and the people as its children.

They are convinced that they are the big brothers who know the secrets of living in harmony with nature. The rest of the people are the little brothers who do not know these secrets and devastate and destroy the Great Mother Nature with their actions.

Like many South American tribes, they grow potatoes, cassava, corn, sugar cane and chew coca leaves (hojas de coca).

Which are the most desired countries to visit in South Africa

South America nature
South America nature
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • Bolivia

The list is huge and each country is worth a visit. Traveling on this continent can be endless if you have enough time and money. Therefore, charge yourself with desire in the direction of the unknown and the exotic. In many places in this part of the world you will see remnants of colonialism.

The history of this new world is long. More than 300 years since the first European man set foot. We share with you many photos from our first days spent in one of the most unique and unforgettable countries in South America.

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