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The Pacific Ocean, the largest, deepest and widest on Earth. Here are the most islands of all latitudes. Paradise places to visit not only for lovers of exotic destinations, but also for couples in love. It is no coincidence that they are called fabulous and charismatic places where you do not want to leave.

Which are the most famous islands in the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Raiatea Island
Pacific Raiatea Island

The list is huge, but the ones we have listed are significant for humanity. In recent decades, each of them can be reached by plane. That’s when the real tourist season begins. In fact, the best way is to travel on a cruise ship. After all, the islands are surrounded by water.

Therefore, water is best. Time is getting longer, but you know life is short, so let’s enjoy it. We arrived on July 1, the island was quite empty and the locals said it looked like this in early May. For me it was a bonus – everything could be seen in peace and enjoy the beaches and nature without the eternal crowds. I continue the daily stories of our last year’s cruise.

Before we left the island with the ship’s tenders, there was a problem. Local port authorities have provided only one berth. And because everyone wanted to stay in this beautiful place as long as possible, and the removal was slow, a long, curved tail formed. We are impressed by the behavior of all passengers. No one got nervous or raised their voices. Everyone waited meekly, some talking briskly.