We have been traveling around North America for a month now, and today we sailed from the port of Seward to the Kenai Alaska Fjords. This magical place is like a National Geographic Channel movie. If you have the opportunity, be sure to go there. We saw whales in the distance, sea lions, seals, otters and many birds. I’m posting a few videos to enjoy the magic of the last glaciers and the popping sound they make.
Sea lions, birds and otters were closest to us and can be seen most clearly … it is not in vain that they say that Alaska is one of the last places in the world with untouched nature. Visiting Niagara Falls was a turning point for me, because that’s where I decided to do everything I could, just to travel and see more beauties around the world.

north america jasper national park
north america jasper national park

There, the travel mania “unlocked” in me, which intensifies with each new destination visited to this day. Quebec is the only province in Canada where the official language is French, and the largest in the country. The eponymous city of Quebec is located in the southeastern part of the province, at the mouth of the Saint Laurent River.
Quebec City is a real jewel of French Canada, it is also one of the oldest cities in North America! Death Valley is located in California and is one of the hottest places in the world with the highest temperature of 56.7 degrees Celsius. There is also the lowest point in North America – 86 m below sea level.