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European castles the most interesting part of the medieval history of the Old Continent. These times have been difficult and crucial for Europe, both historically and economically. The period covers from the sixth to the eighteenth centuries. The rise and fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Great Geographical Discoveries and the development of industry.

Which are the most beautiful European castles

French castles Chenonceau
French castles Chenonceau

Each of them is different in its achitecture, observing the most famous styles and decorations. All castles and fortresses are protected by UNESCO, and tourists are allowed access to them. Very few of the palaces are owned by wealthy European families, who manage their property alone.

There are special European Union programs for the maintenance of these buildings. The good general condition of the castles and their fortresses is the concern of the respective state. The history of these historical attractions is connected with the common history of each country.

The main material for the construction of castles is stone, and the decoration is entrusted to famous sculptors and artists. There are castles that host annual festivals of music, dance and contemporary fashion.

How European castles were built

The answer is simple, from taxes and labor. Most castles were owned by rulers and a small number of wealthy families. It is difficult to imagine the conditions in the premises, but one thing is clear, the comfort was at a high level and the hygiene at a very low level.