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Continent Europe or as it is often called the Old Continent. This is where modern civilization comes from. 50 countries with different culture, language and economic opportunities. Divided still by various criteria, the most important of which is economic. Why visit this continent Europe. Everyone has to answer this question for themselves.

What you can visit for a vacation in Europe

If you are planning a trip, you will have to choose the warm months of the year from April to October to feel the euchanization of the seas and mountains, which are terribly many.

Lake District National Park
European cities

We recommend the Mediterranean in Greece, Italy or France. As for the number one mountains, the Alps. Do not miss the Balkan Peninsula because there is a little of everything here.

The most beautiful cities are

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. One thing is important to know. They are so different from each other that comparisons are unnecessary. take good memories and panoramic photos to come back one day and feel the spirit of Europe. The local population is generally friendly and will not cause you problems, it is enough to follow their laws.

Why everyone wants to see the sights of Europe

It is true that the standard of living is low, but this way you will save some money. Half of the countries in Europe are members of the European Union. It is the economic engine of this community and competitive with the United States and China. A major problem in recent years has been migration and rising inflation.

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