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The islands Australia are not as famous as those in the Pacific because of their geographical location. The number of islands is quite small, so they are difficult to identify on the world map. The largest islands are New Zealand and Tasmania. Therefore, they are inhabited and quite developed in economic terms.

Tourism is not the main livelihood of the local population, but still some of the gross domestic product comes from tourism. The main task here is to protect the environment. Let us add that these islands have the cleanest air on Earth. One of the reasons is that they were discovered by man too late, after the Great Geographical Discoveries.

Which are the most famous islands Australia

They are very far from Europe and America. The standard of living is high and a large budget is required to visit them. However, the attractions are many, starting with the Great Barrier Reef and the fjords in New Zealand. What development of culture is observed after they were initially inhabited by criminals.

Cradle Mountain lake panorama
Cradle Mountain lake panorama

They are fictitiously subordinate to the Queen of England, but have their own independence. Eventually charge with positive energy and become part of the explorers of this distant continent.

Islands in Australia include Fraser Island, Lord Howe Island and New Guinea. We have written a lot about them in our previous travels and therefore we will not pay special attention to this category. These islands are too small in size and are not visited by many tourists, although they are on the list of travel agencies. There are few flights by plane.