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The islands in Southeast Asia are the most preferred place for tourism. Competition in this direction is from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Needless to mention Phuket, Bali and Singapore. You can find them in any travel forum. Characteristic of these islands is that they are located in the tropics, they are extremely exotic and you can practically do whatever you want.

Which are the most beautiful islands of Asia

Therefore, all water attractions are available. There are beautiful lagoons around them and of course underwater reefs. They are ideal for diving and fishing. The fact that the islands in Asia are far from Europe and America does not make them less visited.

Island North vietnam
Island North vietnam

Most tourists come from China and Australia, which explains why. As tourism has developed greatly in recent years, the environment is therefore highly endangered.

Animals and plants are being destroyed, so efforts must be made to protect them. Reconstruction with hotels and resorts continues. The beaches are crowded during the active tourist season. Healthy food and water are declining.

Which are the most exotic islands of Asia

So hurry up until it’s too late to see these exotic destinations. In conclusion, we can write only one. this part of the Earth is the most beautiful and the most vulnerable. Let’s try to keep and clean it without contaminating it with plastic and other human activities.