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The architecture in Asia is very diverse. Islam is in the west, Buddhism in the east, and both in the middle. It is these two currents that are the founders of history and architecture in this part of the world. Buddhist temples and mosques are scattered across the continent.

Which architecture is most visited in Asia

Some of them are richly decorated with drawings from the mythology of the particular country. Therefore, there is something to visit without being worshipers. There are historic palaces and fortresses where you have to shoot for a fee. This should not bother you, because it is a tradition in Europe and America.

Bali Indonesia
Bali Indonesia

The more developed a particular country is, the more expensive it is to visit an attraction. In other words, it can be written that nothing is like 20 or 30 years ago. It is good to know English so that you can use a local guide to tell you everything interesting about architecture.

Types of architecture in Asia

It is also good to have the Internet for navigation and good orientation. The local population is generally friendly to tourists, although they love tips. There are architectural landmarks in very poor condition. Restoration is needed, which is very expensive but necessary. It all depends on the local government.
Preserving this type of landmark is quite difficult and expensive. The entrance fee is to raise funds to maintain the attraction. The culture of Asians in general is below the European or American average. It is also good to improve the infrastructure around this architecture. Only God knows how long to wait.

Oman and Muscat

Oman and Muscat were once separate kingdoms, Oman inland and Muscat by the sea. After the Portuguese conquered Muscat and the Omanis drove them out, the kingdoms were united under…