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Isola bella Taormina
Isola bella Taormina

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Well I love this world! I love him very much! I want to travel it more, and much more, and more. I want to live on a journey! I want to be a tramp! Nomad, loafer, that’s what I want to be!

New journeys have not set in until at least May (unless they cancel it as well). That is why I will show you the well-forgotten old ones. And I want my freedom back! And I want a trouble-free life!

P.S. There are more photos and stories from near and far in my personal profile. Follow me! Come and travel together! Greetings and wishes for new plane tickets!

Beautiful artistic places attract me like a magnet. Escape from the noise and bustle of the big city and visit the most beautiful natural landmarks on Earth. I know there are many fashionable destinations, but we are quite old-fashioned people you know. We love beaches, white sands, palm trees, megacities and everything, but nothing fascinates us more than the European countryside.

Sights of Patagonia

Sights of Patagonia that I was able to visit during my long vacation. Our life is too short to fulfill all our dreams. That’s why we shouldn’t waste it on…

My experiences in Chad

My experiences in the Chad desert in tents in quite extreme conditions. I don’t know how to start. I only know that she has no memory, the daughter of Africa.…

Cities on Lake Como

Cities on lake Como, that I love to travel, I love, I even adore, it’s a passion that can literally move you forward. If you forgot to charge your batteries…

Top 6 attractions in Morocco

Top 6 attractions in Morocco that I visited last year. Although Europe, especially France and Spain, has had a great influence on the history and culture of Morocco, most of…

The fabulous destination of Morocco

The fabulous destination Morocco is a mysterious and colorful African country. Ancient cities, snow-capped Atlas Mountains, picturesque majestic canyons, sand dunes in the hot Sahara desert, fort settlements, colorful cities,…