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The islands in Africa are not so many compared to the islands of the other four continents. Most are located in eastern Africa, the most famous being Madagascar, Reunion, Socorta and Mauritius. The most visited are the island of Zanzibar and the Comoros. In the west, the most visited islands by Europeans are Madeira, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and others.

Which are the most famous islands in Africa

Each of them acquires their characteristics and features. The local population has relied heavily on tourism in recent decades, so efforts in this area of ​​human society are enormous.

Giraffes in Africa
Giraffes in Africa

Therefore environmental protection remains in the background, which is a big minus for them. With the development of air transport, tourism is booming. All the sights of the islands can be visited at the appropriate price.

Which are the most visited islands in Africa

As the continent of Africa is poorly developed industrially, the standard of living is low, so take advantage of the benefits of this colorful world. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to the east is the Indian Ocean. For that reason Africa’s location is very good and the climatic zones alternate on both sides of the equator. Because the flora and fauna are very diverse and worth watching in their natural environment. The photos are just great if you’re lucky enough to happen in good weather.
If we look at the reference in the Encyclopedia Britannica, these are very interesting places where you will escape from the big city and air pollution, you will feel the sea breeze and you will meet the best sunrises and sunsets on Earth.