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Africa is also called the Black Continent. Not only because of the black skin color of the population. Everything here is very different from other continents. Africa is the second largest country in the world. This is the poorest part, where the lives of most people are difficult and almost impossible.

As a resource of minerals is to some extent very large. However, the money goes to other parts of the world. People’s literacy is too low, given that technology is quite advanced.

What can you expect from Africa

Rich fauna and vegetation. At the same time, a large area covered with deserts. Many national parks, some of which are private. Conditions for tourism are improving, but it is difficult to catch up with developed countries in this area.

What to do in the Comoros
What to do in the Comoros

There are several countries that are approaching middle-developed countries, such as South Africa. The problem on this continent is that the desire for development is too small and people do not have the necessary education to be competitive.

What are the most important attractions in Africa

  • The Egyptian pyramids
  • National parks in Tanzania
  • The jungles of the Congo
  • The mountains of Kenya

All of the above is enough to visit, but be prepared for many surprises. Some of them are not so pleasant.

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