Bequia island  holiday in the nature of the Caribbean. Translated, it means Island in the Clouds, at least that’s what the locals told us. Indeed, the island is very small and we personally walked. The best option is to rent a room in Port Elizabeth. There is actually everything like food transport and companies that organize various attractions.

Bequia Island has an airport where small planes land, as we did. The population is about five thousand people. They are engaged only in fishing and tourism. Most work in hotels or villas. It is administratively located on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is located 14 km south of it. In the past, the island of Bequia was a base for whaling ships, but after the whales disappeared, Port Elizabeth declined as a port.

This is a great advantage for local tourism, which enjoys successful seasons. From the photos you can see how many yachts dock on the island. Visitors are unlikely to be so interested in the history of the island or visit the Atnil Petit Museum. Our family mainly came to spend an unforgettable vacation here.

What are the most visited beaches on the island of Bequia

  • Industry Bay
  • Spring Bay
  • Hope Bay
  • Princess Margaret Beach

White sand has a volcanic character and is present on all beaches. It will not be difficult to find a suitable beach for your family. They are around the perimeter of Bequia Island. If you have young children, you have come to the right place.

The waters are very shallow and warm all year round. Everything here is very quiet, although the prices are quite high. One-day yacht excursions to Tobago Cays are available. The reef is convenient for snorkelling or diving equipment.

The underwater world is uniquely beautiful and most importantly…. There are no sharks. In conclusion, we can mention that every year Bequia hosts the Easter regatta. Participants from all over the Caribbean then gather to compete.